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Your Benefits. A Casual Review...

  In the time it takes to drink...a cup of coffee! 

Because what you don't know could cost you!

"We are the fastest teachers on your benefits - Period!"

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Shopping for a plan or just need a quote? Let us help you. We are a full-service family life, health & annuities broker; and our specialty is Medicare Supplements (aka Medigap) and Advantage plans. So, whether you are just turning 65 or needing inexpensive family life insurance, we can help!


Ancillary & Supplemements

Ancillary care is currently one of the fastest growing sectors of healthcare, representing nearly 30 percent of medical spending today. Sometimes people need some of these services but they either don't have access or can't afford it.  Here are some options..


Complimentary Services & Projects

As premier consumer advocates we are constantly striving to notify our customers of available projects, programs and services currently available in the community. 


Testimonials & Community Partnerships

We are proud to work with and support our community partners. Learn more about these great  companies and services we  currently endorse.


About Us

Life Group Financial has been considered a premier life and health insurance agency since 1993. We were born of a desire to assist those improve their less-than-perfect credit by providing a unique insurance program. Today, our services range from Medicare programs to life insurance to ancillary products, and so much more.


Nowadays, there are many financial protection plans available to aid Americans. And even as some benefits are discontinued, comparable ones can usually be found as suitable substitutes. But for many, from confusing annual plan changes to Medicare, bank CD alternatives, life insurance that you 'don't have to die to use', to unique inexpensive hybrid Long-term Care plans, it pays to have an advocate who can empower through knowledge and offer resolve in place of uncertainty. 

Because of the last economic shake-up, many hard-working families became financially distressed. We were one of those families. After witnessing the devastating effects that meltdown had on many of us, it essentially persuaded us to double our efforts to be especially attentive to the plight of our seniors and their retirement security. Benefits Beyond Medicare was founded. 


And so, as staunch outreach advocates, you could say that we take a dedicated approach to the welfare and entitlements of consumers, and continue to successfully empower members by bringing such products and services to our communities. 

      “This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.”                                                                                                                                                         I Cor 4:1

About Us
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