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Home Care Services

Home health care is one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare industry - but it is NOT completely covered by Medicare. In-home care gives families the confidence and peace knowing their aging loved ones are comfortable at home and receiving professional, compassionate, and personalized care.

In many cases, it's the most satisfying form of senior care and sometimes more affordable than other types of care.

Medicare will pay for many services that are considered home health care. Medicare part A covers home health care services such as speech and occupational therapy, medical equipment such as oxygen or wheelchairs and some medical supplies. Part A will also cover part time nurse assistance and medical social services. Medicare part B also offers additional coverage for these same services. Most of the costs incurred by this type of service will be covered between both plans. Custodial care, care with personal hygiene, is not covered under any of the Medicare programs. If you are in a nursing home or have home health care assistance, any personal services rendered will be the responsibility of the patient.

Most people would prefer to recover at home instead of a nursing home. For as little as sixty-nine cents a day there are special home health care insurance plans that give you flexibility to utilize the type of care that’s right for you.  These plans PAY YOU daily benefits to offset costs from home care services.

Learn more about these program. To ask for a quote for Home Health care or request a copy of our exclusive guide just click on the following below:


'3 Easy Ways to Qualify for State Approved No-Cost Long-term Care & Cancer Coverage'.

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Average Costs of Home Care Services

Compare the costs to what you would pay for a loved one to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Care TypeNational Average Cost

Home Health Care
8 hours per week - $693

Adult Day Care
Weekdays only - $1,492

Assisted Living


Homemaker Services

44 hours per week - $3,721

Home Health Care
44 hours per week - $3,813

Nursing Home
Semi-Private - double occupancy room for one person - $6,692

Nursing Home
Private - single occupancy room for one person - $7,604


A typical home health care visit occurs in a two to four block of time two to three times a week.

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